[Video] Tours are now being given on Pacoima’s murals

Haga clic aquí para español.

You have probably seen the many murals that have popped up the past few years around Pacoima, mostly along Van Nuy Blvd, dubbing the area “Mural Mile.”  Soon after Mural Mile’s inception, the Museum of the San Fernando Valley has been conducting walking tours of the murals.  Check out this video tour produced by videographer and lecturer at California State University Northridge, Miguel Angel Duran.

The video follows one of the tours  conducted every third Saturday of the month.  In the video, many of the murals are featured and, like on the actual tour, artists who painted the murals give insight on their works.

If the video is not enough to satisfy your interest, anyone can join the walking tour by getting tickets from the Museum of the San Fernando Valley website for a $15 donation.  It might seem a lot but the funds are used to maintain the murals.  So see it as an investment in your community and as support for public art.

As for Duran, the video producer, he was born and raised in the Pacoima/ San Fernando area.  He attended San Fernando High School and CSUN, where he now teaches video documentary.  He also owns Start Now Studios.  More of his videos can be seen on their website, including a video on the history about the Assata Shakur mural and another on the start of CSUN’s Chicano/a Studies program.  Check it out.

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