Tens of thousands expected in Pacoima for CicLAvia


CicLAvia in MacArthur Park 2015. Although the Pacoima route is about two miles shorter than previous routes, it is still expected to attract 20,000- 50,000 people. Photo by Steve and Julie/ Flickr.

Imagine Van Nuys Boulevard closed and car-free from Panorama City to Pacoima, where adults and kids alike can enjoy the street on bicycle, foot, scooter, or any other means except automobile.

Well, that is what is going to happen Sunday, March 6 when the popular Los Angeles event, CicLAvia, will make it’s first appearance in Pacoima.  The 4-mile route is planned to be along Van Nuys Boulevard from Roscoe Boulevard in Panorama City to Lehigh in Pacoima.  Although this is a shorter route than previous ones, 20,000 to 50,ooo are still expected to attend.

This is the furthest the popular Los Angeles events extends from downtown’s epicenter.  Previous CicLAvias have been held in Pasadena, South LA, and Culver City, Venice and downtown LA; the first time in the valley was last year when it rolled down Ventura Boulevard.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 6.27.43 AM

Van Nuys Boulevard will be closed to cars for most of the day March 6, 2016 from Roscoe Boulevard to Lehigh Avenue. Cars can cross only certain intersections noted on the map. Image courtesy of CicLAvia.

The route was originally desired to extend all the way to Oxnard Street to connect to the Orange Line, but complications with major retail stores at The Plant in Panorama City caused that plan to be abandoned, a CicLAvia representative said at a community meeting. Issues with crossing the railroad tracks at San Fernando Road, however, were resolved allowing the route to extend further east.

One of CicLAvia’s goals aside from transforming streets into “safe spaces for thousands of people to bike, play and smile,” is to allow people to explore new neighborhoods.  Local businesses are encouraged to set up stands along the route, and, even though street vending is a controversial subject, a CicLAvia representative said there are no restrictions banning them from participating as long as they are not blocking the route.

So get those bikes ready and get ready to ride! CicLAvia is coming to town!


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  1. It’s gonna rain sunday tho….is the even rain or shine?

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