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Estos edificios en Pacoima corren riesgo si hay gran temblor


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En abril 2016, la ciudad de Los Ángeles publicó un reporte donde identificó miles de edificios que considera inseguros en caso de un terremoto de gran magnitud.   Aunque muchos de los edificios enumerados en el reporte están ubicados en el oeste de Los Ángeles y en el oeste del Valle de San Fernando, Pacoima tiene sólo cinco edificios en la lista.

A primera vista, uno puede entender cómo estos edificios de varios pisos corren riesgo, ya que en muchos de los edificios los pisos superiores están sostenidos por


El estacionamento de los apartamentos Las Palmas demuestra el diseño inseguro que tienen los edificios mencionados. Foto: El Boletín/ Pacoima Bulletin.

postes o columnas caprichosas. No hay necesidad de imaginar lo que puede suceder en caso de un terremoto de gran magnitud; muchos de los edificios que se derrumbaron en el terremoto de 1994 fueron construidos de esta manera.


Este estilo de arquitectura fue popular siguendo la Segunda Guerra Mundial, cuando Los Ángeles se fue desarrollando al oeste y el Valle de San Fernando,  según el informe del Los Angeles Times.  El nuevo diseño adecuadamente acomodaba  la nueva cultura cochera que se manifestaba con la expansión de la ciudad, ya que ofrecía plazas de aparcamiento en el primer piso.

Los cinco edificios en Pacoima mayormente son apartamentos y están a lo largo o cerca de Van Nuys Boulevard. En total, los edificios identificados contienen 87 unidades. Dos edificios tienen alrededor de 25 unidades cada uno, y uno de los edificios es el Coral Bells Motel.

En una entrevista con el KPCC, una representante del despacho del alcalde, dijo que los propetarios fueron notificados en marzo 2016 del riesgo que corren sus edificios y que tienen siete años para cumplir con una orden de reacondicionar los edificios- el cual tiene un costo estimado de $5,000 por unidad- o demolarlos.  Igual, los propetarios también deben notificar a sus inquilinos quienes podrían permanecer en sus unidades durante las obras.

Los edificios identificados en el reporte se pueden apreciar en este mapa interactivo:



Watch video of Northeast SFV residents donate to homeless in Pacoima on Christmas Eve

On Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, the morning after a cold and windy storm topped the San Gabriel mountains with snow, a group of residents from the Northeast San Fernando Valley gathered to aid those left in the cold.

The residents met at a homeless encampment near the train tracks on San Fernando Road and Branford Street to distribute warm clothes and food to those residing there.

They organized on Facebook and called the operation, “Valentine’s Mission,” after a Pacoima resident who brought the camp to the communities attention.

The volunteers handed out burritos prepared the night before, tamales, doughnuts, and water, as well as blankets, jackets, gloves, scarves, and socks to about ten people that remained at the camp. Those who received aid said others from the camp left to seek shelter from the storm the night before.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority found in the last homeless count conducted in January that the homeless population increased in the San Fernando Valley by 35 percent. That’s a noticeable difference compared to a 5.7 percent increase countywide.

“It’s worse than I’ve ever seen it,” Wade Trimmer, executive director of the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission, told ABC News in May when the report was released. He said homeless camps are popping up everywhere.

In Council District 7- which includes Pacoima, Sylmar, Lake View Terrace, Mission Hills, North Hills, Shadow Hills, and Sunland-Tujunga -they counted 1,206 people living in vehicles, shelters, and tents.

Since the report was released, officials have taken small steps to alleviate the burden of homelessness, mostly seek funds from the state and impose new voter-approved taxes.  Felipe Fuentes, while still a councilmember, established a homeless agency in Sunland-Tujunga, which did not sit right with some residents after he evicted the neighborhood council from that space.

Currently additional shelters have opened throughout the city for the winter. But some say that is not enough. A local organization, Valley in Action, started a petition online asking officials to open a year-round homeless shelter in the Sylmar, where the current winter shelter is located.

Until then, residents like these on Christmas Eve do what they can to help.

“It seems like bad place for me to be, but I’m very grateful to be alive and healthy,” said Barry, a thin man with a wide mustache and leather jacket who accepted some of the donations.  He seemed preoccupied when he spoke, holding back tears as his voice cracked.

“A series of unfortunate events landed me outside, but I’m trying to fix that, I really am.”

Angie Castro, who organized the event on  Facebook, said there were less people than expected at this particular site.  But at their next stop, they ran out of donations real quick.

PURO CHISME: from Pepe de Pacas, GG Anaya, Krystal la Xingona

None of this content has been confirmed by El Boletín de Pacoima.  This is all puro chisme.  Thank you to all three contributors.  


What a Burnout

By Pepe de Pacas


Are there a lot more undercover cops patrolling Pacoima??? Pepe the Frog by AnimeReallySucks. Rendition by Pacoima Bulletin/ El Boletín.

Last week, a cop stopped me as I was leaving the weed shop near the KFC on Laurel Canyon and Van Nuys Blvd.   The dispensary’s parking lot was full so I parked on the last stall on KFC’s lot. The officer rolled up behind me as I was about to pull away.   He said he stopped me because I looked suspicious coming from the alley. (Mind you, he approached me asking me how many kilos I had in the car.) I told him I was coming from the weed shop.

He said, “So you DO have drugs in the car.”

I stayed quiet, even when he asked me what my “condition” is as he skimmed through my medical recommendation.

After he let me go, I asked the office why he stopped me. He said he was from downtown, and he didn’t know there was a weed shop in the alley. Supposably there are many other unmarked police vehicles (he had an unmarked grey Ford Explorer) sent from downtown to patrol the area this time of year to prevent burglaries.

This was confirmed right after when I saw an unmarked grey Crown Victoria pulling over a small green Honda right behind the taco truck on Laurel Canyon in front of Ritchie Valens gym.

Fortunate news for Saul Lopez’s family?

By GG Anaya


The scene of the tragedy Nov. 14, 2016 as reported by NBC Los Angeles. Lopez was riding his bicycle to school when he was caught between the collision of the two pickup trucks. He succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene. He was 15 years old.

Por ahí corren la voz, que the Lopez family got themselves a lawyer after they heard that the driver that killed Saul Lopez may have switched seats with the passenger, según los testigos de la tragedia.


Why would anyone do that? No tendrían licencia o qué? Well, por ahí cuentan que los supuestos culpables del choque ya han tenido problemas con la ley, supposably for doing contracting work without a license y no sé qué. Not to sure or entirely confirmed, pero si los chismes son verdad, aside from possibly getting a hefty settlement, this might turn into a criminal case. Justice or nah?


¿Qué pedo con Van Nuys Blvd?

By Krystal la Xingona

Okay, okay we all get it. Some people are putting so much effort trying to help Pacoima come up and be nice and healthy and all (shout out to Pacoima Beautiful!), but wtf is up with Van Nuys Blvd?

To be honest, I was all for the plan when I first saw it, and even after I went to a few meetings, but the final result? No manches, nos engañaron! They had these nice little designs with painted bike lanes and parklets, and little people in the pictures and it looked all nice and you can imagine the raza NOT riding the bikes on the sidewalk, y hasta imaginas tu bendita abuela en bicicleta using the bike lanes, pero NEL.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-8-32-37-pmScreen Shot 2016-12-14 at 11.03.14 AM.png

Apenitas estoy viendo esos diseños de nuevo, y fíjense que apenas voy viendo que en small, little print que dice, “THIS GRAPHIC IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE AND DOES NOT REPRESENT THE ACTUAL DESING FOR VAN NUYS BLVD.”

WTF!! Okay, I’m not gonna get crazy, but all I’m gonna say is that they better not leave that shit like that; that shit looks incomplete! If they are gonna do something, they better do it right! Nos ven con cara de pendejos o que? And I don’t even care that Felipe Fuentes dumped us for a better paying job (maybe he just couldn’t handle all the dissent from his constituents, maybe dijo, les trato de ayudar y todavía chingan…a la fregada! …)   And I don’t care which of the 30 people who are running to fill  Fuentes’ seat gets elected! Para mi, me da igual porque nosotrxs seguimos aquí, nosotrxs de Pacoima, the northeast san Fernando Valley, CD7, todxs seguimos aquí y seguiremos aquí tomando decisiones en nuestros barrios!



Asesinan hombre por la madrugada cerca de San Fernando High School

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Un asesino anda suelto tras balear fatalmente a un hombre esta madrugada a una cuadra de la preparatoria San Fernando High School.

Un tiroteo fue reportado alrededor de las 1:30 de la mañana cerca de Oneida Avenida y Calle Chamberlain, y al llegar a la escena la policía encontró un hombre que sufría una herida de bala, dijeron autoridades del Departamento de Policía de Los Ángeles.

La víctima fue declarado muerto en la escena.

La policía cree que la víctima estaba visitando a un amigo en el barrio.  El noticiero KTLA reporta que los amigos de la víctima han cooperado con investigadores pero aun no tienen detalles del asesino o vehículo involucrado.

Man fatally shot near San Fernando High School; Killer at large

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A killer is at large after a man was fatally shot this morning near Oneida Avenue and Chamberlain Street.

A shooting was reported around 1:30 am and upon arriving at the scene, police found a man suffering a gunshot wound, said Los Angeles Police Department officials.

The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police believe the victim was visiting a friend in the neighborhood, which is one block away from San Fernando High School. The victim’s friends were cooperating with police, according to KTLA, but police have no description of the shooter or vehicle involved.

Shooting yesterday: 1 Injured, 2 Suspects at Large

Police are searching for two suspects after a shooting yesterday injured one person in San Pacoima.

Police said the incident started with a confrontation between a man who was driving a pick up truck and two pedestrians near Fifth and Arroyo in San Fernando. Shots were fired a little after 5 p.m., and Los Angeles police were called to assist San Fernando police in searching for the suspects near San Fernando’s city limits at Arroyo and Glenoaks.

Arroyo Street was closed off, and LAPD Air Support assisted in the search and circled the neighborhood for hours. Police thought the suspects jumped on a Metro bus at Glenoaks and Arroyo, and evacuated the bus passengers one-by-one with guns drawn.

At time of of publishing, no suspect is in custody, The man injured was hit in the leg and drove himself to Holy Cross Hospital.

San Fernando Police are still investigating the incident.

Local de El Girasol será Salón del Reino de Los Testigos de Jehová

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.19.25 AM

Photo de El Girasol después de su cierre.  El edificio fue demolido marzo 2016 y la propieded está bajo obras. Photo from Yelp/ El T.

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Los Testigos de Jehová han adquirido una propiedad popular, la cual era antes un nightclub en Pacoima.

De acuerdo con registros del condado de Los Angeles, la propiedad ubicada en 13535 Van Nuys Blvd, previamente el sitio de El Girasol, está titulada al Regional Building Committee of Jehovahs Witnesses Inc.

No se pudo confirmar los planes para la propiedad, pero un representante de las oficinas centrales del la religión, situadas en Brooklyn, Nueva York dijo que cuando la iglesia adquiere propiedades, probablemente es para construir un Salón del Reino, cuyo nombre de sus centros de congregación.

Si se construe el nuevo Salón del Reino, será el segundo en Pacoima; se encuentra otro por la Pierce y Dronfield. Los Testigos de Jehová se fundaron en el estado de Pennsylvania en el año 1881, y hoy día forman 8.2 millones de feligreses por el mundo.


El Girasol es la segunda propiedad deteriorada que se convierte en una iglesia en Pacoima. El 19 de junio 2016 fue la apertura de esta catedral de la Iglesia Universal, donde antes operaba El Mercadito de Valle por la Glenoaks Boulevard y Vaughn Street. Antes de la catedral, la propiedad estaba vacía y cercada por más de cinco años. Foto El Boletín.

Former El Girasol property acquired by Jehovah’s Witnesses


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.19.25 AM

El Girasol’s street sign and building after the business shut down. The building was razed March 2016 and the property is currently under development. Photo from Yelp/ El T.

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The property that once was the location of a popular Pacoima nightclub is now owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

According to Los Angeles County records, 13535 Van Nuys Blvd., the former site of El Girasol, is now owned by the Regional Building Committee of Jehovahs Witnesses Inc.

A representative at the religion’s headquarters in Brooklyn, New York could not confirm what the land was going to be used for, but said usually when the organization acquires land, it probably will be for a Kingdom Hall, the place for worship and congregation.

In March 2016, the building on the property was razed, and the property is currently under development.

Presently, there is one Kingdom Hall in Pacoima on Pierce at Dronfield. The Jehovah’s Witnesses was formed in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in 1881 and claims more than 8.2 million members worldwide.


El Girasol is the second blighted property that will be converted to a church. On June 19, 2016, the Iglesia Universal opened this cathedral where former grocery store El Mercadito de Valle used to operate on Glenoaks Boulevard and Vaughn Street. Prior to the cathedral, the property was vacant and fenced off for more than five years. Photo by El Boletín.

These Pacoima apartments are unsafe if major earthquake hits, says city


Las Palmas apartments has 26 units and is one of the larger buildings listed as needing earthquake retrofitting.  Photo by El Boletín/ Pacoima Bulletin

Earlier this month, the city of Los Angeles released a list of thousands of apartment buildings that are considered unsafe in the case of a major earthquake, requiring the buildings to be retrofit or demolished.  Although many of the building listed were located in West Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley (mostly in the west Valley), Pacoima has only five buildings listed.

All five buildings have apartment units and are along or near Van Nuys Boulevard.  In total the identified buildings hold 87 units.  Two buildings hold about 25 units each, and one of the buildings is the Coral Bells Motel.

At sight, one can can understand how these multi-story buildings are dangerous; usually a


Las Palmas apartments’ parking lot demonstrates the unsafe design the listed buildings have.  Photo by El Boletín/ Pacoima Bulletin.

second floor is being help up by whimsy posts or columns.  There is no need to imagine what would happen in case of a major earthquake; many of the building that collapsed in the 1994 earthquake were built in this fashion.

This style of building were popular after World War II, when Los Angeles sprawled to West LA and the Valley, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.    These apartments accommodated the evolving angeleno car culture, usually offering parking spaces on the first floor.

In an interview with KPCC, the mayor’s chief resilience officer, Marisso Aho, said the building owners were notified in March and have seven years to comply to an earthquake retrofit order, which has an estimated cost of $5,000 per unit in each building.  Building owners must also notify their tenants, who, in most cases, will be able to stay in their units during the retrofitting process.

Nuevo plan del tren bala propone vías subterráneas debajo Pacoima

8596433582_87cab22da5_z (1)

Rutas revisadas del tren bala fueron presentadas al Consejo de Gobiernos el 7 de marzo del 2016 en Van Nuys. Imagen cortesía de la Autoridad del Tren de Alta Velocidad de California.

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Ante el Consejo de Gobiernos la semana pasada, la Autoridad del Tren de Alta Velocidad de California presentó  las “refinadas” rutas que están siendo estudiadas para la trayectoria Burbank a Palmdale, revelando que el plan anticipado de correr el tren a lo largo de San Fernando Road se ha abandonado.  

Aunque la ciudad de San Fernando y la comunidad de Sylmar, al igual con otras comunidades a lo largo de la carretera CA-14- se libraron de los impactos que el tren iba traer al disecar las comunidades, Pacoima aun no se ha desecho completamente de los rieles del tren.

La ruta, conocida come SR-14, se ha acortado  y su mayoría es subterránea, pasando debajo de las sierra de San Gabriel.  Sin embargo, en zonas pobladas la vías se presentan elevadas o a nivel de calle.

La nueva “refinada” trayectoria de SR-14 muestra la estación del Aeropuerto de Burbank siendo subterránea, la vías ascendiendo  al nivel de la calle en Sun Valley, luego elevadas sobre el derramare de Hansen Dam, hasta que sumergen de nuevo poco antes de la calle Branford en Pacoima.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.56.24 AM

El plan originalmente proponía el tren viajar parejo a vías existentes, pero consideración  a la justicia ambiental de las comunidades que hubieran sido afectadas desvío ese plan.  La ruta SR-14 se encuentra a la izquierda extrema.  Imagen cortesía de la Autoridad del Tren de Alta Velocidad de California.

El Presidente de la Autoridad Dan Richards dijo que un factor que contribuyó a la desviación del plan original de correr el tren a lo largo de vías existentes fue la “justicia ambiental.”  

“Empecé a realizar,” dijo Richards, dando crédito a los políticos de la zonas afectadas, “una gran cantidad de estas alineaciones que ya están allí fueron creados en un momento en que la gente no pensaba acerca de los impactos de dividir a las comunidades.”

Las comunidades donde se están considerando que el tren pase, el cual viajará a más de 200 millas por hora, se han manifestado en contra del proyecto.

En la hora del comentario público, Georgina Carranza, residente de Pacoima y activista con las Comunidades Anti-Desplazamiento, dio gracias a Dios en la reunión por “salvar a Sylmar, San Fernando, y Pacoima.”

“Pero la lucha no ha terminado,” ella le aseguró a los gobernantes. “Todavía tenemos a Shadow Hills, todavía tenemos a Sun Valley” refiriéndose a las comunidades que aún no se han desecho de la amenaza del tren bala. 

Las nuevas revisiones completas se pueden ver aquí.