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[Video] Valley residents march into Pacoima in memory of two women killed last week

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Following the deaths of two women in the area last week, about two dozen northeast Valley residents marched up Van Nuys Boulevard from Arleta to Pacoima City Hall Thursday demanding an end to violence against women.

Maria Ontiveros was fatally stabbed across the street from the Foothill Division police station the evening of January 28.   Three days later, Yazmin Vash Payne, was murdered and her body lit in flames by her boyfriend in her Van Nuys apartment January 31.  Suspects in both cases have been arrested.

In the Facebook page for the event, the organizers wrote, “We were not sure what we should do in response to these senseless acts of violence, but felt we had to do SOMETHING.”

With chants in English and Spanish, the demonstrators marched to Pacoima City Hall, where they held a vigil for the victims.